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Retergeting bug?

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    Retergeting bug?

    Hey guys, I have run into something and I think its a bug.
    I am retargetting from an animation blueprint and the additional curve data is not being created correctly.
    The image shows 3 screenshots, on the left is the asset I am retargetting from.
    The middle image is if I right click on that asset and retarget to my new skeleton, the curves are copied correctly.
    The image on the right is if I right click on the APB that contains that animation and I retarget from there. It retargets all the animations associated with the ABP, but about 40% of them have incorrectly named curve data.
    Has anyone else seen this?
    Is there a work around for it?Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2020-09-15 19.43.34.png
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