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Basic Avatar Character Movement/Animation for VR

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    Basic Avatar Character Movement/Animation for VR

    I am currently working on a Multiplayer VR game and I would like to represent the position of the other player with a simple animated avatar like the 3rd base mannequin.

    My first guess was to build an AI character which simply follows the XY Position data of the player with some basic animation blending. Not sure if this a good idea...

    The other idea was to do it directly inside the VR character which would be less less complex and would probably also allow to implement some basic kind of hand movement...
    But currently I am not sure if this works since the basic character movement receives a float value while a motion controller generates actual position data on every tick. I am pretty new to character animation, so please correct me if I am wrong...

    Or am I missing something and there is already a template/plugin for this kind of stuff?