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Rootmotion problem but works with some animations

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    Rootmotion problem but works with some animations

    Hi everyone,

    I am writing to you because with my team we have a problem with the root motion in UE4. Indeed, we had a classic attack with two movements that didn't have a major problem but it got complicated when we decided to export the same animation but in two parts.

    You can see on the video that when the animation has the two moves it works quite normally, but when you cut it, with the first move the character makes a weird rotation, and the worst thing is that with the second move it's going to take a funky path (at the end of the video).

    Maybe we misunderstood Root's system in UE4?

    Do you see what the problem is?

    The rig is exactly the same with this 3 animations.

    Thank you very much.

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