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True FPS camera issues

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    Yes, that happens after he used some kind of drone or camera and to me, the first person and the third person running animations look very different (look at the way he holds the gun). They are using different/adjusted animations for first person.
    Randomized tiling function to eliminate repeating patterns in textures.


      I'll get back to you on your Q after the game-jam.
      For now, suffice to say that you can dig into the IK Content example on your own along with the IK training videos

      That's the base from which you start.
      As you will see (or already saw) the hands have a Root bone.
      What you want to do then is link a socket placed on the Front Sight, one place on the Rear sight (so you can line them up and get a picture perfect sight), and shift the weapon up enough to get those 2 sockets to have the same Z as center camera (with a scalar for adjustment so that different sights can be offset easily).


        Originally posted by Basement Bob View Post
        Most of the movement animations available are over exaggerated, based on self conscious actor/models running on treadmills or placing a spring in their step,

        Soldiers are not celebrating the first day of spring and the joy of life, perky young school girl skipping across the meadow to pick flowers?
        I think not, grim determination and a heavy heart are the hallmarks of a soldiers gait.

        Well that's my excuse for mellowing out the head bob inside the animations to remove bobbing at the source, reworking the animations based on steady head position for walk, slight bob for jog and a steady aim animation for toggling breathing while stationary.

        Just another approach, depending on needs and skill-set might be an idea.
        In the rainbow clip other players movements did not look very head bob ish.
        there is a very small amount of headbob which is vertical and some forward movement of the head. I took advice from witch-dev and unpatented the camera from the head and instead place the camera smoothly in local space using timeline to predicted positions. I fixed the neck position so that it is always below the camera using ik for now. No headbob and everything looks fine for now. But how to align the hands with the gun now?
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          Hand placement is via TwoBoneIK node in animgraph , quick look


            Ok I managed to align the hands using a combination of an aim offset with hands locked in front of the camera in ik and using fabrik nodes. The only problem now is that the hands sway sideways while looking up and down