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Maya Live Link axis orientation problem

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    I think I have found why you might have an offset. Is your skeleton by any chance placed inside a transform group in the outliner, or does the root bone of the skeleton have different values than default? If so your subject will be transferred in the space of the transform group, or the root joint might be considered rotated. Even if your character is "standing up" inside Maya, it might actually be lying down in the space of the transform group... and that is what is transferred via Live Link.

    I have a character that works flawlessly with live link, both in AnimBP and Preview Controller, and I could offset its orientation by parenting the skeletal chain in a transform group and rotating that. (note that the skeleton is rigged by controllers that maintain the character orientation in the scene)

    As a quick fix, you could parent the skeletal chain in a group and rotate that.
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      Denny Thanks for the suggestion - I will be sure to check that out when I get the time. I'll report my findings back to you :-)