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Help/Question for animation and physic collision

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    Help/Question for animation and physic collision

    ok if it already was asked before then someone can link please, in case of no or the previous answer being "outdated" someone can please provide a new one:

    Here the question, i'm working in a game with character customization, where the character can get "fat" or non fat is a sort of life simulation then my problem is adjust some animations for that, what i means if you have inside unreal a way to for exemple a walk animation when the character moving his arms it don't get inside the character upper body(torso) if the character is too fat without having to adjust the animation itself for each variation, i means the arms mesh will adjust to open more based on the mesh to avoid the arms pock in the torso, the same for others animations which need a "body to body contact" like placing the hands in the waist basically any animation which the character must interact with himself, then instead of have to adjust the animation manually for each different "type of body" and have multiple variations for the same animation, if possible to make the mesh adjust his physics for when a body part get bigger or small based on customizations.

    Have a way inside unreal or even outside unreal to make this sort of adjust and in case of outside to export that adjust inside unreal???

    any help is welcome and again thanks for your time.

    You might be able to work something out using Inverse Kinematics (UE4 has some nice IK nodes for the anim blueprint). This is not an easy task though, especially if you want things to look decent. Honestly, different animations might be the easier solution.


      You can drive the bones with a local rotation addition that is the same value as the morph target times something times pi.

      So fat is 1, the angle of arms is increased by (1 x A) x 3.14 to get degrees.
      A would be the max amount the arms need to go up.

      So if you are only half as far you get an angle that's half of the max.
      (.5 x A) x 3.14

      To drive the bones o standard mannequin you want to affect the Shoulder_l and Shoulder_r bones - as they will cause the rest to offset.

      You won't be able to control/prevent clipping with every animation.
      And any holding something (like a rifle) aninimation with IK will end up skewed too.

      to prevent that, you could affect the hand IK bone by setting it farther then its proper hand location in X or Y direction (they invert I believe) by a similar value as above.

      the best approach depends on expected gameplay behaviour.