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Face AR sample to full body mesh?

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    Face AR sample to full body mesh?

    I've been struggling with trying to understand how to basically blend animations from facial mocap into a full body mesh. All the demos and tutorials I found online always have a separate head from the body, which I believe it's probably part of the workflow (Epic also released some showcases with shared animations between different Fortnite characters).

    So far I've learned:
    * I can't blend animations from different skeletons
    * The animation coming from the AR device is driving curve data, which drives the blendshapes through a pose asset
    * I can't find a way to merge the blendshapes into another skeleton

    So how is it done? I already watched around 4-5 hours of related content, where it's hinted a lot that it's supposed to be an easy process, but I actually haven't seen exactly how it's done.

    Anyone knows? Is it just some blueprint block I'm missing?