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Import Rigged Character from Maya Into UE4

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    Okay so I guess it isn't showing my photos? I hope the idea still comes across fairly clearly

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  • started a topic Import Rigged Character from Maya Into UE4

    Import Rigged Character from Maya Into UE4

    New to UE4, worked in Unity before, I'm a character animator.
    I know this may seem like a noob question, yet I've searched extensively and I've only found partial/unhelpful answers for what is probably a pretty common problem.

    I'm using the free "AZRI" rig from No animation on it, just trying to import the A-Pose character into UE4 so I can know how it works before I continue.


    This select set selects all the GEO (including the sword, there are like 4 GEOs that are separate from one another, but all part of the set) and the joints:

    Joint Hierarchy: everything is underneath the world/collision joint.

    File > Export Selection settings (everything else is default):

    After export from Maya I get the following 3 messages. This last one seems to be the one that's problematic:


    I click the 'Import' button in the Content Browser, select my FBX file, import with default settings, and it gives me the Failed to Import dialogue:

    The errors are:

    - Multiple Roots Found

    - Error, Could not import AZRI:hair_geo.

    - Duplicate bone name found ('AZRI:JNT_L_PonchoSideDriven_4'). Each bone must have a unique name.

    And like 50 instances of the following warning:

    - Mesh [Geometry have no name] in the fbx file is not reference by any hierarchy node.


    All other settings adjustments I've made haven't worked. The closest thing was unchecking 'Skeletal Mesh' in the FBX Import Options dialogue in UE4.
    But then I just got the mesh without the skeleton, and that isn't really what I want.

    I understand the FBX file needs to meet certain qualifications in terms of joint hierarchy etc. to be properly read by Unreal, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer as to what those requirements are, and how to adapt existing rigs (if possible) to meet them.

    This topic seems pretty basic, and like something that many people working with UE4 would want to do.
    But to a newcomer stumbling around in the dark, I feel completely lost!

    Am I close to something here, am I missing some core concepts? Help me Unreal forums, you're my only hope...