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Marker-Based Animation Syncing problem

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    Marker-Based Animation Syncing problem

    Im trying to use Sync Markers to blend-out Anim Montage in a specified points and have walk cycle start as close as possible to end pose. It seems like SyncMarkers should be able to achieve that(according to but i have been unable to get them working. The only success i have was when the animations were directly linked into BlendSpace, then it worked as intended. I have Walk Cycle (in Anim Blueprint) and Montage set into the same Sync Group Name, I have tried all combinations of Group roles, etc. Nothing seems to work. I'm not sure if the markers are meant to synchronize only animation in the same Blend Space or Im missing something.

    Did anyone encounter the issue? Any help is appreciated.
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    You are trying to use sync markers with montages? Not sure actually if this is supported, i have used them for animation clips / blendspaces in the graph itself and never had any problems.