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Question about Animation Rigging Toolkit (ART)

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    Question about Animation Rigging Toolkit (ART)

    Hi there,
    I'm new to UE4, I'm confusing about the purpose of ART. I will refer to this tutorial and this document

    Here is my assumption so far:
    1. It is a rigging tool. After a setup process, we will have a human like skeleton. It has little to do with animation (only posing) and we mainly use it for rigging.
    2. We can save our rigging configuration as "character". This is redundant because we can save our character as .mb file and open it like usual.
    3. Proxy mesh is an auto generated mesh used just for prototyping. So, in this video from 1:07 to 2:21, I assume Jeremy doing adjustment on the manequin just for fun. The adjustment has no impact for further step (skinning, animating), and we can skip it and use the default male manequin.
    3. It doesn't support skinning, we will have to use Maya to paint bone weight ourself.
    4. It doesn't support Maya LT since it is writen in python.
    (I have high doubt on my point 2 and 3)

    Please correct me.