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Problem with "Strafe", "Fall" animations and with model mesh is snaping to camera to hard.

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    Problem with "Strafe", "Fall" animations and with model mesh is snaping to camera to hard.

    Hi, everyone. My name is Erick.
    I have a few small problems with which I struggle
    I tried to find solutions and answers on the internet and after two days no much results.
    I hope someone can help me here
    And I am sorry for my English, if ishard to understand description of my problems.
    First problem, I would like to have an animation of "Jump" only when I am jumping and animation of "Fall" only when I stand on the ground and fall from the age or when I fall to platform lower. I do not want play animation of falling after jumping when my character is still in the air and is falling on the ground. Right now when I am jumping animation of "Jump" is playing the way I want, but I do not know how to set up animation of falling so could play when I fall to lower platform. Right now when I fall to a lower platform I have the animation of Jump
    How to set this up in blueprints and event graf correctly?

    Second problem I have with "Strafe", I want to play strafe animation when I press and hold "Left Alt" (exactly it is animation inside blend space).
    I managed set up "Left Alt" to work with movement but I do not know how to set up animation (blend space) to play.

    Third problem I have when I press left alt my whole character is snaping to the camera to fast/ hard, is there the way to make this transition smooth?

    I am not a programmer, and this part is hard for me, but I do not give up, I am still learning, so please, forgive me if my logic in blueprints is wrong and funny.

    Hope for some suggestions or solutions, I really want move on with my small project and make progress
    I hope pictures will help to understand me better
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    You'll have to use an extra step to differentiate between the fall and jump. Perhaps setting a boolean variable directly by the "Jump" input action.
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      At first glance Jump, Falling, and Is in Air are by default a physics that is on and the player is in a constant of falling and the only requirement is to sample the movement component and let the is in air hold the current falling state until it clears.

      In the case of the BP example it's not so much important as to the migration pathway as is the argument required to get into and out of a state as to when the event has been cleared as to completion of a jump or is falling.

      For example if just a Jump is needed and with out information as to the argument needed to get into and out of the state the migration in it's current configuration is probably passing through the jump and is triggered to follow the falling pathway causing the unusual result.

      The easier way of looking at it is the migration path is confused as to what it needs to do and for how long based on a change with in the migration pathway.

      The most common way of doing it as a primer, and lots of tutorials showing how to do a typical jump, would be to first move into a state of the character starting a jump with the necessary argument of the player being in air.

      Once in the air the character will generally hold the state to allow for distance traveled and once the character lands is no loner in air the state is allowed to exit completing the third required state change of landing.


      If the player needs to fall the original state change of jumping is still required but the migration path needs yet another state change added to the while in air state if the condition of falling is meet while with in the state.

      In your current configuration you can not move from the jump state to the falling state with out first passing through the idle_walk_run with out creating a strange state change as per your example.

      To even have a chance of working your fall state needs to be a child of your jump state so with in the jump state the switch from jump to falling occurs and once the fall is cleared can return back to the jump state and exit back to idle_walk_run.

      Another issue is open ended arguments that allowed the migration to switch pathways with out limiters as to when it can not enter a state. If one argument “Is Jumping” and another “Is Falling” the two arguments conflict and one pathways will jump to another as a absolute argument.

      In one example in this configuration to get into jump the statement should included “Is Jumping and Not Is Falling” with the same repeated for exit. Same thing for “Is Falling”.

      The problem with this configuration is you will also have to nullify a state change request in the event graph to prevent a conflict once again until the desired state is cleared.
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        Frankiev, thank you. You helped me a lot I fixed 2 of my problems