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really need some help w/ animation...

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    really need some help w/ animation...


    i've been trying literally all day to figure out how to make a reload animation for a slamfire shotgun model that i recently made for an fps game. it is comprised of two pipes, one being the receiver and the other being the barrel and they need to be animated seperatelyClick image for larger version

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ID:	1224540. i am not familiar with the animation process, and i cannot find ANY tutorials that tell me how to go about it. i made the model in blender, and i've exported it to ue4 as an fbx. i do not know how bones or skeletal meshes work, do i need to set those up in blender or can i do it all in ue4?

    sincerest thanks for anyone that can help me out.


    Rigging and creating animations are done outside of Unreal. I do not know the animation features of Blender, but you will need to create a skeleton (or at least a single bone) for your mesh and use that to create the desired animations. Then you can import the fbx into Unreal, and now you will be able to import it as a skeletal mesh.

    Please take your time with the documentation, as it will answer a lot of your questions like "how skeletal meshes work", which is a pretty broad topic as you can imagine it.
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      thanks, sorry i didn't realize that this was such as complicated thing lol