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Is there a documentation/tutorial for the 4.16 Built-in-cloth system?

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    Originally posted by GalaxyStudios View Post
    Well, the title nails it
    I am not experienced with Apex Cloth.. I don't even know if there is a need of knowledge about Apex to use the new system.
    I want to learn that stuff and the best way to start there with would be a tutorial :P

    Thank you so much

    it works now, i know what i am wasting my evening on today.


      Hi there,

      We have a problem with cloth simulation normals, they are always pointing the opposite way that the mesh normals, it means always backwards. Then, the backstop is also working "backwards".
      It only happens when creating clothing with "create clothing from selection" menu in UE4, the imported apx file works correctly.
      We tried with 4.20, 4.23 and even 4.24, same result. See attached pic.

      To be sure it's not our mesh we exported the simple cloth from 4.20 Content Examples and reimported it back in 4.20/23/24, and it gives the same error.

      Is that a known bug? Or are we doing something wrong? Exelcior

      Click image for larger version

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      And, btw, something unrelated: is there any way to try "Chaos Cloth Editor" in 4.24 or it's just a placeholder plugin?
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