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Stationary Skylight Bug on OpenGL ES3.1

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    Stationary Skylight Bug on OpenGL ES3.1

    Hello, I'm building project in UE4 for my tablet (Xiaomi MiPad) which using Nvidia Tegra K1
    It still had old Android 4.4.4 though, so I dont know if that is causing problem for me in the following:

    I got this strange bug* since UE4.10.x-4.12.x
    When I use stationery skylight in my project the bug is there, I'll include some photos to explain it more easily:

    Stationery Skylight with Bloom ON
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-07-28-15-44-11_com.Vizualice.Minimal.jpg
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    Stationery Skylight with Bloom OFF
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-07-28-16-25-03_com.Vizualice.Minimal.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-07-28-16-25-24_com.Vizualice.Minimal.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-07-28-16-25-44_com.Vizualice.Minimal.jpg
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    Static Skylight with Bloom ON
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-07-28-20-51-20_com.Vizualice.Minimal.jpg
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    A little explanation from the photos, with stationery skylight and Bloom enabled it was impossible to look at the chrome ball as it turn completely white in whole screen. When I disabled Bloom, I could see the chrome ball but with that strange artifact in reflection. Set my skylight into static fix this as saw on last photo. I need stationery skylight as sometimes I got movable static mesh in my scene and I need some dynamic skylight.

    As you could see stationery skylight is broken, and this is happen for me since UE4.10.x-UE4.12.x
    The only workaround for me is to set my skylight to static for now, or using older engine 4.9.2
    This bug isn't present in UE4.8.x-UE4.9.x before

    So anyone could comfirm this bug in another device for example Nexus 9 or Nvidia Shield Tablet?
    Or anyone could help me with this the other way, since I love new features intrroduced in new engine 4.11 and 4.12, so i need to move on from 4.9

    PS: I use AndroidWorks 1R1 supplied from the engine since 4.9-4.11, and I just noticed when making this post that 4.12 updated the version into CodeWorksforAndroid 1R4 which is the latest from Nvidia. I wonder if updating this will solve the problem or this is more from the engine side. Anyway I'll try updating that tonight and will update this with new result later.

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    okay so i updated to CodeWorksforAndroid 1R4u2 and still had this problem on MiPad Android 4.4 (android-19)

    then i received my shield tv which is Tegra X1 and android 6 (android-23) and the problem is fixed. (i tested it with NDK API Level android-19 too just like before)
    so i guess this is problem with new engine on older version of android, too bad i still want to use my MiPad until i get shield tablet too

    btw i use 4.12.5 in this post, i still couldn't get 4.13 to package with openGL ES3.1 i dont know why
    using binaries from Epic i got only es2 package even though i select "Support OpenGL ES3.1" in Platform > Android > Build and untick "Support OpenGL ES2"
    and i got an error when compiling 4.13 from github when build Development Android in Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, something with RHI i forgot


      I have the same problem of graphic glitches when I use the skylight. what's the problem?


        You can fix it? I having a stationary skylight and bloom in 4.23 es3.1 and have the same issue. In vulkan work fine but I need opengl. Thanks!


          Hi, I'm not sure what is the problem, In the end I stop trying because there's nothing I could do to fix the problem.

          If I remember correctly the only workaround is using static Skylight (baked) instead stationary.