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How can we set the C++ runtime that gets used by Android NDK?

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    GCC has been deprecated since r11 (released March 2016).

    As of r18 ( GCC and gnustl have been removed.

    Is there a timetable for switching Unreal Android builds to linking against libc++_shared or libc++_static instead of libgnustl_shared?
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      Any update about linking libc++ instead of libgnustl?


        It would be great to know if this is in the works or what steps we can take to modify the engine to make this work for us.


          Any updates on this one? This issue prevents from using third-party c++ libraries.


            This may help some of you:

            I have an issue ( that seems to be related to UE4's lack of libc++ support.



              Follow this step.To How can we set the C++ runtime that gets used by Android NDK?

              To add new C/C++ source files to an existing project, proceed as follows:
                1. en the Project pane from the left side of the IDE and select the Project view from the drop-down menu.
                2. Navigate to your-module > src, right-click on the main directory, and select New > Directory.
                3. Enter cpp as the directory name and click OK.
              1. Right-click on the cpp/ directory and select New > C/C++ Source File.
              2. Enter a name for your source file, such as native-lib.
              3. From the Type drop-down menu, select the file extension for your source file, such as .cpp.
                • You can add other file types to the drop-down menu, such as .cxx or .hxx, by clicking Edit File Types . In the C/C++ dialog box that pops up, select another file extension from the Source Extension and Header Extension drop-down menus and click OK.
              4. If you also want to create a header file, check the Create an associated header checkbox.
              5. Click OK.
              I hope this information will be useful for you.
              Thank you.
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