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Cannot fully install Android app

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    Cannot fully install Android app

    Hello everyone.

    I'm developing an android game and it has two levels "LevelOne" and "LevelTwo"

    I've launch the game from Unreal Engine into my phone and tested "LevelTwo" multiple times.

    After packaging the game and installing the APK and OBB into my phone, the game should start from the map "Level One" but it starts from the map "LevelTwo".
    I've set the default map to "Level One" in project setting. I've uninstall the application, deleted the APK and OBB from my phone after launching but whenever I package the game and install, the game starts from "LevelTwo".

    My game starts from "LevelOne" before I've launched the game into my phone. It is fine. But after launching, it never starts from the map that it suppose to. The game just starts from the map that I launched and tested.

    What should I do to fully uninstall the game and fully reinstall the game.