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Is there a way to make widget UI fit all android screens?

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    Is there a way to make widget UI fit all android screens?

    Like title says i have a widget UI BP that is my main menu for my app and it fits all 1080 screens however when it comes down to 720p screens the UI get mixed up, enlarged, or shrinks. It says you have to go to the DPI settings and set the dpi there, but I set a lot of DPI nodes (as you can see in the picture) to make it support most devices in 720p, however I still get the same problem?? This is torture. Anyone who has a widget as there main menu can you tell me how you did this or someone tell me how to fix this???

    Click image for larger version

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    Take a look at the UnrealMatch3 DPI curve; I think we dealt with everything there. It uses LongestSide and here is the UIScaleCurve (you can edit Config/DefaultEngine.ini and replace the line with this one):



      Thanks. Actually I used UM3 DPI curve example to help in my game and even copied the DPI settings since we both use mobiles. However, it still doesn't work. I'll copy the code for the UIScaleCurve and change mine to shortest slide and report back.


        Note that how you configure the anchors of your UI widgets/panels also is really important.

        In fact, if you use fully relative anchors (the four corners in the four corners of each widget) you will scale the UI exactly to the screen, which will not need to change the DPI curve at all. But, if the screen has a different aspect ratio, it will squash the UI proportionately.

        You can get a feel for this by testing the different anchor modes, as well as different screen sizes and resolutions, by simply doing "play in new window" in the editor, with different window sizes.