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Android App Crashes When Opening

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    Android App Crashes When Opening

    I've successfully built and launched the Tappy Chicken app to my android device.

    The app appears within my app drawer in the phone.

    However, when I launch the app on my phone, there are a series of error messages and the app never loads or launches (See attachment)
    Attached Files

    I ran into this and it turned out to be a problem where we had enabled Mobile HDR in Project Settings but disabled it in the device's profile in DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini. The project setting was telling the project to cook content for HDR and then at runtime, the DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini setting was telling the app to look for non-HDR content which didn't exist.
    Derek van Vliet
    Get Set Games


      Where can I find a reference of all configuration ini settings?

      I tried enabling mobile HDR (it was enabled) but that did not work - it introduced more errors.

      Where can I find more information on default property warnings and errors:

      Error: CDO Constructor - Failed to Find


        Hi Ayscotty,

        You will probably want to make a thread for your issue on AnswerHub, as that attached photo of your error is too small to see here, and it will be easier to track on AH. Logcat logs will also be very helpful to diagnosing what's happening on your device. You might consider searching AnswerHub for errors like the one you've mentioned. If you can't find an existing thread, here is how to post a thread on AnswerHub.

        Good luck!