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[4.7.0] [Android] Leaderboards and Achievements no longer working

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    [4.7.0] [Android] Leaderboards and Achievements no longer working

    *EDIT:* Working with TappyChicken from the play store so must be something in the conversion process that is messing it up

    Leaderboards and Achievements no longer working in 4.7.0 (official binary) in android exports

    Easy to reproduce:
    • Open and convert TappyChicken in 4.7.0
    • export and run on your android device (in my case tested on Samsung Note 4)
    • press the leaderboards and achievements buttons -> notice nothing happens!

    Reproducible in my own projects.

    In 4.6.1 it was working in all projects.

    Hopefully a 4.7.1 hotfix? as it's preventing an update for one of my apps

    Posted in Answer hub as well:
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    Headgear - VR/AR solutions

    Tested with the updated Learning example TappyChicken 4.7 and it also does not work - so there must be a magic setting missing from all projects including the TappyChicken 4.7 located in the Example Game Projects!

    To reproduce:

    * In the UE4 launcher goto the Learn tab
    * Download TappyChicken for 4.7 (it's all the way down the bottom)
    * Create tappychicken project -> export to device

    Notice the achievements and leaderboard buttons do not do anything
    Headgear - VR/AR solutions