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is this really the quality to expect from ue4?

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    Originally posted by tegleg View Post
    so it seems ue4 has cornered the indie market, but for android it just runs and looks terrible, if it runs at all.

    is this really the best we can hope for?
    (absolutely no offense meant to this games developers)

    it looks far worse than even a unity free game (which i didnt think was possible lol) and not anything like a 'next-gen' engine at all

    the example of good looking UE4-game. But, it's possible to create the same on Unity Pro. The question is about cost of UE4 vs Unity Pro.
    of course, you can create it on Unity Free too if you have strong shader's writing skills etc


      Originally posted by vaddev View Post
      the example of good looking UE4-game. But, it's possible to create the same on Unity Pro. The question is about cost of UE4 vs Unity Pro.
      of course, you can create it on Unity Free too if you have strong shader's writing skills etc
      That's a UE3 game, not UE4.


        Originally posted by tegleg View Post
        im talking about the visual quality and performance, not how many people are in a team or the scale of a game.
        i know the performance and device compatibility is an ongoing process (even though there has been little obvious progress made so far), but the render quality is really bad.

        im asking, is this game a good representation of ue4's current mobile capabilities?
        Awkay, didn't want to show this yet but...

        Take into account that the lighting build is wrong here. It's an early alpha just after like a month of work. I'll plan to release it free soon. Tested on Nvidia Shield tablet which is not that expensive anyway. Gonna test it more on Sony Xperia Z1 and some LG phones later.

        Originally posted by BrUnO XaVIeR View Post
        And so it begins...
        Last year I said on Unity forums that Unreal would lose a LOT of its prestige amongst gamers because noobs would start to make **** things with it and call 'em "game powered by super great Unreal Engine 4".
        Doesn't matter which toolset you use if you don't know what you're doing.

        Eventually the rule of thumb for gamers will be "Unreal Engine 3 is amazing, UE4 is shiit!". Why?! Because now 'anyone' can have hands on UE4 (even if not paying anything) while UE3 was used mainly by serious studios making 'real' games.
        So true, still, there's plenty of people who don't have the money to get UE4 and are goot at what they do.


          Originally posted by aussieburger View Post
          Just noticed this post and as the guy who made the game thought I should comment

          First some background: no previous developer or graphic artist experience - never used any other game engine

          Now that is out of the way my goal of Tappy Football 3D: To see how long it takes and learn how to release an android game with UE4 - after watching a blueprint tutorial I was sold on trying it out in the limited free hours I have in a month to learn how to export to android setup, leaderboards, achievements etc. - the game itself did not matter to me I just wanted it to run on my old Samsung S2 - However since had made the game without knowing what mobile optimization was needed all I did to make it work was to strip out all the cool effects and lighting, and in many places instead of textures using a plain color material. This project was still a success in my eyes, as I very quickly learnt the entire workflow of the engine to actually pressing the publishing button in the store.

          From the TappyFootball3D learnings I just released my second game: A Maze Ball 3D
          Still another simple game as I wanted to try a few different things - but since this time I knew the workflow and how to optimize the game engine from the beginning I could spend more time on the materials to make it look nicer and do the optimization things from the beginning so this game runs much better than TappyFootball3D on my Samsung S2! I'm sure you'll agree it looks much better ?

          Anyway long story short, people start out different ways, some people start with their dream game and get stuck on optimization later in the project, realize too many changes are needed and give up - others start just by doing something easy and simple - making it work - learning from it and making the next better and slightly more engaging. Lots of other guys have done the same thing here so in short TappyFootball3D should not be used as any sort of 'reference' for the engine - just how it looks if you mostly just use plain color unlit materials! (but I have to say while in screenshots it looks bad - in animated 3d it doesn't look too bad - some people got addicted enough to finish some of the achievements )

          Still a long way to go - ultimate goal is for own VR experiences however all these has been great steps to learn the engine!

          Any questions and feedback on A Maze Ball 3D appreciated Post in the releases thread:
          Wow....looks a lot like the game I've been working on. Well, not so much gameplay-wise. But the name!

          I've been working on it off and on for a LONG time, but just started blogging about it back in October.
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            This is what we managed to pull off with UE4. It's a screenshot from our OpenGL ES3.1 build on shield tablet, but even with the OpenGL ES2 build which runs on older mobile device, you can pull off something close to the quality previous gen (ps3/xbox360) console games with a very stable frame rate.

            Click image for larger version

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              Can't blame uneducated gamers on technology misconceptions. Even 'developers' rely too much on beliefs that the engine is what defines what your game will be and how it'll look like.
              Crappy games will haunt every single open engine forever, that is never going to change. Can't blame Epic or Unity Tech(too much) about it...

              Developers must educate ourselves. Look at what you're doing and try to judge impartially if what you're doing is really worth a showcase; When just learning or getting started, no problem... The problem is when such 'products' hits the stores. XBox indie games, Apple Store, Google Play are full of things that shouldn't be there. For real.
              No wonder Sony just shot down PSM program.

              /\ SS above looks amazing by the way.
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                I hope there a plan for a better implementation of ES31 cause at the moment it run pretty bad.

                Click image for larger version

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