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    APP ID and Package Name

    Am not sure what I am misunderstanding here.

    1. I just created my first app in Google Play Console
    2. The Appid I believe shown next to the app name is tmp.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (and a string of about 40 numbers)
    3. I want to fill out more in Google Play Console for the app but I need to upload an APK
    4. So I go to UE4 to create a package and APK but it requires an appid. So if I try and use the tmp.nnnnnnn etc ID then UE4 says its invalid
    5. Also to create the APK UE4 also requires the Android package name e.g. - where in google Play do I find this or get this?

    It appears to me I only have a temp app id and to progress in the Google Play Console I need an APK uploaded but for UE4 to create an APK I need a valid appid ... hence Iam stuck.

    What obvious thing am I missing in this process?