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Save doesn't work when game is launched for first time.

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    Save doesn't work when game is launched for first time.

    we have encountered a strange problem. When we package our game as APK (without .obb), the first time game is running after installation the engine built-in save functionality doesn't work. It simply doesn't create save game files. We use UE 4.21 for this project.

    When you restart the game, save functionality starts to work properly.

    The problem doesn't occur when we package the game as APK + OBB.

    We have tried various permissions, different config options and nothing really seems to work. Does anybody encounter something similar?

    Any help is appreciated!
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    I know its a old post but Did you find any solution..?

    it happen with me too.


      I am not sure if it is related but it fixed itself after we packaged project for google play store. In the Project Settings - Packaging tab you will find the "For Distribution" checkbox, make sure it is ticked on.

      If it doesn't help, send me a private message and I will try to share our config settings. Maybe you will find something useful.