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Blueprint Nativizing error cause of wrong encoding

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    Blueprint Nativizing error cause of wrong encoding


    I'm trying to check if the nativizing of blueprints could improve the performance on a mobile device.
    In the packing options I selected "Inclusive" to automatically include all blueprints to be nativize. But when packaging I get the following error:

    fatal error: UTF-16 (LE) byte order mark detected in
    'X:/Users/XXX/XXX/MYPROJECT_UE4/Intermediate/Plugins/NativizedAssets/Android/Game/Source/NativizedAssets/Private/NativizedAssets_Dependencies.cpp', but encoding is not supported
    I don't have such a blueprint in my project.

    I went into the folder /.../Private/NativizedAssets_Dependencies.cpp' and changed the encoding with notepad++ from UCS-2 LE BOM to UTF-8 but the error still appears.

    Can anyone give me a hint what I'm doing wrong here?

    I tried it with 2 another Hello-World projects. But even there everytime some files are encoded wrong or are not found.
    Is there more to consider than just to set the nativizing method?
    They just set the method to Inclusive, but I don't see any preperation for the Blueprint by themself like chaning the encoding of the blueprint.

    Exlusion mode is very weird. I can select the blueprints I want to nativize, but I have like 300 custom Blueprints spread among the project. Is there a way
    just to add my created blueprints? Otherwise I have to find and add every blueprint by itself into the list.

    Some tipps?