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AI not moving on real Android device

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    AI not moving on real Android device

    Hello there,

    I am making an amateur game on my free time and I was happy with the progress until I tried it on an Android device. I have been always testing the game using the "Play" function on "Selected Viewport" and the AI works fine there, it chases the player. But if I launch the game on a real android device, a tablet that I have, the AI does not move at all. The Blueprint is very simple and when tested on debug mode with breakpoints each piece seems to do what is supposed. The AI even works when I test it on "Mobile Preview ES3.1".

    Can someone help me on how to debug this problem? Did someone experienced the same issue when testing a game on the real device?

    Here is the Blueprint of the AI:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	blueprint-ai.png Views:	0 Size:	148.3 KB ID:	1742029

    Thanks for the help.

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    Hello, I am having the same issue. The blueprint is similar to the one shown here.


      I am having same issue. Using 4.25.1.
      I am using behavior tree and AI should roam around till it sees player and run for cover.
      On PC it works fine.
      On android it doesn't roam around, just stay on their position, but when it sees player it does run for cover and do according to behavior tree .

      is behavior tree is too much process for android ?