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Android dont want to login to Google play games and there is a purchase issue

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    Android dont want to login to Google play games and there is a purchase issue

    I just can't get why this problem even exists:

    When I build my game and test it using USB install via generated .bat file - I can easily connect to external login UI and get any information from leaderboard etc.
    But when I upload the same apk in google play and run from google play - the game refuses to connect to game services. (It starts connecting to services but It can not connect to player profile)

    Also, there is a billing problem:
    When I add my test account for making test billings (with fake test payment ) - payment goes smoothly without any problems and I get a receive in my e-mail.
    But when I disable my test account and try to create actual payment: there is purchase info and when I press on the price - I get a black transparent window and nothing happens (this happens on all phones I tested)

    This drives me crazy...since I can not see clear is a Schrödinger problem - it works but it does not.
    Can you help me somehow? Maybe I should press some button in some hidden place? As you can see there is not a problem in the information I entered in project settings since I am able to make a test purchase and I am connecting to the console in testing ground.
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    It seems like there Google Play is disabling purchase option for games in "Family-friendly" category, like games for players from 3 to 12 years. I've checked games in this category with paid content - they all have the same problem as mine. New google policy, I guess...or maybe I've faced some internal google pay blackout for my region, don't really know what is the case for so long time.
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