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arm7 and arm64 apk on playstore.

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    arm7 and arm64 apk on playstore.

    I have tried almost everything to make a arm7 and arm64 version of upload work but i am getting different errors all the time.
    Has anyone yet managed to upload a arm7 and arm64 version of application. The problem is arm64 supports around 3000 devices while the arm7 supports around 10000 devices so i am losing close to 7k device supports due to non support of arm7.

    I am not sure if its unreal's fault or google's fault but no matter what combination of version number, apk or appbundle I upload and got different errors all the time.

    I tried uploading arm64 and arm7 apk's in different order and got different errors. Here is an example.
    Click image for larger version

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    The arm64 apk gets shadowed by arm7 apk and it doesn't detect it, and arm7 apk doesn't have arm64 support so its not detected by it.
    Originally posted by Jurif View Post
    Hey, I updated my game as well with Android App Bundle. Seems everything got uploaded and should be working!
    I also looked at your video OnjigoOrigins, really nice you recorded this for everyone!
    ( btw you can delete the intermediate folder if you have issues (only folders you "should not" delete are Config, Content, Source, and of course the "MyProject.uproject" file, everything else can be recompiled).)

    For those of you who know UE4 from before and are familiar with packaging for Android, and just want to update your project asap, this is a quick TO-DO list to make Android App Bundle from your UE4 project:

    1. Check project settings -Android , make sure you check to export 64 bit version (arm64), don't uncheck armv7 as you still need 32bit version, App Bundle will merge both into one .aab file.

    2. Install Android Studio!

    3.I'm not sure if this is necessary but I deleted any previously packaged files in ...\Unreal Projects\MyProject\Binaries\Android (or simply delete the Binaries folder). I did this because I'm not sure which files Android Studio will use to make the bundle, and so I did this to make sure I know which version I will put into the bundle (probably latest build).

    4. Package your project in the desired format (multi, ETC1, ATC...).

    5. Note that despite they say in video the file size will get smaller up to 35%, in my case this was not true at all, for example a multi version 64 bit was 100mb and the AppBundle was then 98.8mb, for ETC1 64bit version was 66.1mb and the App Bundle was 64.8mb... of course considering both versions are supposed to be packaged into the same file then yes looking it that way it is smaller, but download size for user is more or less the same...

    6. Open Android Studio, Choose - open an existing Android Studio project and scroll to ...\Unreal Projects\MyProject\Intermediate\Android\APK\Gradle , click "OK" and it will attempt to sync the project.

    7. Now simply follow instructions on each of the errors, it gives you links that you click and shows you what to do, you'll have to remove-delete a few lines, then hit save and Sync again until you get rid of errors, it looks confusing but yes you can delete those lines, if you will package the project in UE4 again all of this will be re-generated anyway, and you'll need to repeat this every time you package in UE4. Same if you update Gradle when you package again this will be deleted and you'll need to update again next time you open the project in the Android Studio.

    8. Go to Build-Generate Signed Bundle / APK , click "Next" , for Keystore, click "choose existing" and browse and locate your KeyStore file, add password twice and Alias (copy-paste from your project settings), and hit "Next", then select "Release" or "Debug" for your App Bundle, and click "Finish".

    9. Once finished you can click on "locate" and it will open the Gradle folder for you, and there you can find the app.aab in \app\release so that's
    Unreal Projects\MyProject\Intermediate\Android\APK\gradle\app\release

    10. Rename your file to know what format you used and version it is and put it somewhere else, so if you delete the intermediate folder you don't lose it.

    11. Now you can upload to GooglePlay.

    12. To package into a different format, you'll need to repeat all this, and in my case, I simply deleted the intermediate folder (to avoid errors) each time before I started packaging a different format in UE4.
    For uploading to GooglePlay I first upload the multi version , followed by other versions, I avoid DXT because there were some issues last year, not sure if that got fixed or not, probably it did.
    (GooglePlay automatically detects the version needed for your device by checking the newest version first and then continues to check older ones until it finds the match).

    If you have any doubts about the Android Studio stuff, check the video from OnjigoOrigins , he made an effort to explain it in detail what he did for his project.

    Only thing I'm not sure about is why multi version keeps getting bigger, last year I had it at 79mb, now its 96mb for 32bit version,100mb for 64bit, this App Bundle was then 98.8mb while I didn't change the project in any way...

    My Game:
    This doesn't work either.

    Has any one managed to upload arm7 and arm64 apks to playstore?

    In project settings/android, set store version to 1, check armv7 only, package in developer, shipping ETC1.
    Then set store version to 2, check arm64 only, package it too.

    First upload the armv7, then the arm64 to the store.

    Arm64 version always must be higher store version than the armv7


      Originally posted by Hermyth View Post
      In project settings/android, set store version to 1, check armv7 only, package in developer, shipping ETC1.
      Then set store version to 2, check arm64 only, package it too.

      First upload the armv7, then the arm64 to the store.

      Arm64 version always must be higher store version than the armv7
      I see what the issue has been my side.. I have been using Android Multi format till now to package. That doesn't work on gogole play.. The ETC1 works.
      I have been banging my head for this for last 2 weeks.