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Post Processing Not Working

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    Post Processing Not Working

    My project was working fine using version 4.21. I upgraded to 4.22 due to a bug that was fixed in that version. Now my post processing volume does not work when I run my game on my phone. I have created a new volume and manually copied the settings, and I even tried upgrading to 4.23.
    Nothing is working. But if I revert my project back to 4.21 (using source control) everything works again.

    Mobile HDR is enabled, and I have tried deleting folders such as the builds, intermediate, etc folders. I cannot get this to work. Please let me know what I should look at in order to troubleshoot.

    Creating a fresh project using the desired engine version and then migrating my assets worked. This issue could be because some of the configuration files are different in other engine versions, causing conflicts when upgrading.