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License for Android build tools not accepted?

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    Originally posted by VictorLerp View Post
    I came across this and I found a solution that doesn't require you to install any more build tools versions (none of that worked for me):

    This has been fixed in 4.22, but the workaround for 4.21 is rather simple:

    1. Download 4.22 (preview or release doesn't matter in case you're reading this after 4.22 release).
    2. Find package.xml at \UE_4.22\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\Android
    3. Replace package.xml at \UE_4.21\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\Android
    4. You should now be able to "Accept SDK license" again in Project settings -> Android

    Thanks, this worked for me.


      problem fixed here :


        Originally posted by hmoda_12 View Post
        problem fixed here ...
        No. It's not fixed this way.

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          Please try this code,To

          FROM openjdk:8-jdk
          LABEL maintainer=""
          # Initial Command run as `root`.
          ADD bin/circle-android /bin/circle-android
          # Skip the first line of the Dockerfile template (FROM ${BASE})
          syscmd(`tail -n +2 ../shared/images/Dockerfile-basic.template')
          # Now commands run as user `circleci`
          # Switching user can confuse Docker's idea of $HOME, so we set it explicitly
          ENV HOME /home/circleci
          # Install Google Cloud SDK
          RUN sudo apt-get update -qqy && sudo apt-get install -qqy \
          python-dev \
          python-setuptools \
          apt-transport-https \
          RUN sudo easy_install -U pip && \
          sudo pip install -U crcmod
          RUN export CLOUD_SDK_REPO="cloud-sdk-$(lsb_release -c -s)" && \
          echo "deb $CLOUD_SDK_REPO main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-cloud-sdk.list && \
          curl | sudo apt-key add -
          RUN sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y google-cloud-sdk && \
          gcloud config set core/disable_usage_reporting true && \
          gcloud config set component_manager/disable_update_check true
          ARG android_home=/opt/android/sdk
          # SHA-256 444e22ce8ca0f67353bda4b85175ed3731cae3ffa695ca18119cbacef1c1bea0
          RUN sudo apt-get update && \
          sudo apt-get install --yes xvfb gcc-multilib lib32z1 lib32stdc++6 build-essential libcurl4-openssl-dev
          # Install Ruby
          RUN cd /tmp && wget -O ruby-install-0.6.1.tar.gz && \
          tar -xzvf ruby-install-0.6.1.tar.gz && \
          cd ruby-install-0.6.1 && \
          sudo make install && \
          ruby-install --cleanup ruby 2.4.1 && \
          rm -r /tmp/ruby-install-*
          ENV PATH ${HOME}/.rubies/ruby-2.4.1/bin:${PATH}
          RUN echo 'gem: --env-shebang --no-rdoc --no-ri' >> ~/.gemrc && gem install bundler
          # Download and install Android SDK
          RUN sudo mkdir -p ${android_home} && \
          sudo chown -R circleci:circleci ${android_home} && \
          curl --silent --show-error --location --fail --retry 3 --output /tmp/${sdk_version}${sdk_version} && \
          unzip -q /tmp/${sdk_version} -d ${android_home} && \
          rm /tmp/${sdk_version}
          # Set environmental variables
          ENV ANDROID_HOME ${android_home}
          ENV PATH=${ANDROID_HOME}/emulator:${ANDROID_HOME}/tools:${ANDROID_HOME}/tools/bin:${ANDROID_HOME}/platform-tools:${PATH}
          RUN mkdir ~/.android && echo '### User Sources for Android SDK Manager' > ~/.android/repositories.cfg
          RUN sdkmanager --update && yes | sdkmanager --licenses
          # Update SDK manager and install system image, platform and build tools
          RUN sdkmanager \
          "tools" \
          "platform-tools" \
          "emulator" \
          "extras;android;m2repository" \
          "extras;google;m2repository" \
          RUN sdkmanager \
          "build-tools;25.0.0" \
          "build-tools;25.0.1" \
          "build-tools;25.0.2" \
          "build-tools;25.0.3" \
          RUN sdkmanager "platforms;android-API_LEVEL"
          I hope this code will be useful.
          Thank you.
          Custom Software Development