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    I know i know

    Hi everyone, my name is rigermas and i´m practical new at coding, i know most of the c++ basics and that´s it.
    I´m trying to create an 2d/3d morpg android game on UE4, i was bless with an artist hand but that no use if i can´t code well enough.
    I have some questions and i will be extremely grateful for any replies.
    1- hi how are you?
    2- i have seen so many tutorials and docs and is so confusing for me - were to begin??? i already have studios, UE4 and codeworks installed.
    The information on the game i`m trying to create is the fallowing,it is for mobile platform (android for now) i wont it on google play and game center, it´s half single player (own base map were i can have buildings that lvl up , map runs and map bosses) and half multiplayer (gild map or boss and pvp). The player will have hp and more variables.
    But i have now idea were to begin, should i start by connecting to google play or by creating a players storage database, or does google play already saves players information, should i start on combat or on mapping or mobs, were is the beginning point?
    3-when i link to google play does it get the launch date to that date?or do i decide what day to launch an alpha version?
    4-i want the players to play only online meaning that its an only online game, were should i storage player information on a server?

    that´s it for now , tank you for you time.
    I know i know, another noob.

    You should, in my opinion, start with a "simpler" game. If you plan on starting of with an MMORPG for mobile devices as your first game as a programmer, i do not think it is the best option.

    Although, answering your questions:

    1 - Ok i guess .
    2 - Begin with the videos on unreal learn site. they are ok kind of. I also liked the UE4 course from ben tristen on udemy.
    3 - I gues you can choose. im not completely sure.
    4 - You would probably want to use a service provider like gamesparks or playfab for this instead of setting up your own systems given it requires specialized tecnical knowledge to get it setup


      1. I'm good and welcome. I'm basically new too with about 9months of practice.
      2.just videos and practice. You have a bunch to do. When get stuck or lost try something else for awhile. He helps to have it all on paper. Right now I'm having totally redo items ground up to fit in the inventory system I just devised and decided to use. And to allow random/upgradeable weapons
      3. Oh Google play....okay. So you have be under 100mb. If it's larger you have to break it into a base game and expansion. So try plan something small like intro/tutorial for first part. Then you'll have it check and do that "downloading 200mb patch files" you see. Google will TRY to install all at once but some times can't so you need the thing to check.
      There are several release options:
      Alpha- this gives you a link. When you share it it pulls up your game and page just like normal, gives a warning that it's alpha and hasn't been checked etc. But otherwise works as normal. Won't show up on searches, they have have the link, typically emailed to them.
      Beta- they can find it by search and stuff but have to approve that they want be a beta tester. Google does some checks on it and stuff but you can revise quick and comes with warnings to system safety.
      Release - you have some options to set a release date. Google has filly check it and everything and times can vary but usually pretty quick. Faster than apple and windows which is why new versions usually show up there faster than other platforms. Usually by this point you have done an alpha with friend/family and sign ups. Then had some beta testing. So you just let it post as soon as clears. But you can set a date bit later if you want.
      4. Yeah as said above. Let someone else manage that