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Gear VR -> Oculus Go - Transparency with Reflection

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    Gear VR -> Oculus Go - Transparency with Reflection


    I have had a good search and it appears in UE4 to create a reasonable water / glass material is not possible when using the GearVR framework so you can't have transparency with reflections using say SphereReflectionCapture actors (which appear to be the only type of reflections possible in GearVR).

    When I use an alternative method such as a material with Custom Reflection Vector -> Cube Render Target -> Emissive Pin I get a black material on the device even though it is a good reflecting material in the editor.

    GearVR appears to only use unlit and default lit so there is no way of accessing the Roughness pin with transparency on.

    Is this a UE4 or a GearVR limitation and if not I would be glad if someone can point me to a tutorial or example of how to do glass for Oculus Go?

    I'm currently using UE4.19.2

    I'd Like to use the Oculus Go for architectural pre-visualisation so creating decent glass is pretty important.

    Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.


    Solid Shade Did you get any response on any other forum regarding this? The documentation on this is next to nothing. Still trying to figure this out as well and haven't gotten far.