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Android - cannot find multiplayer session

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    Android - cannot find multiplayer session


    I'v made multiplayer game (c++ & blueprints) and I want to run it on android.
    (The game is up to 4 players, one of them is server, and 3 clients can connect to it, all works fine over LAN, on PC)

    First I wanted to try to see what performance I would get, so I'v started server on PC and I'm trying to find that session on Android, but I could not.
    Any idea why ? (I could easily find the session between two PCs in LAN)

    On PC I call CreateSession(LAN=true, PublicConnections=3) on success followed by OpenLevel with parameter 'listen'

    On android side I call FindSessions(LAN=true, MaxResults=32) ... I call it in loop every 5 seconds ... and it's always return Success, but the result array have size == 0.

    On Android side I have following permissions set: android.permission.INTERNET, android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE

    I'm using 4.19, and android api level 21, my test device is Nexus5, the IP resolved by device seems to be OK according to log:

    25176 25209 D UE4 : [2018.03.23-19.05.25:144][486]LogInit: BSD_Android: I am localhost (
    25176 25209 D UE4 : [2018.03.23-19.05.25:145][486]LogSockets: (BSD_Android) Wifi Adapter IP

    Any other ideas why I could not find my PC session ? (both PC and Phone is on that same lan, and I could succesfully ping my phone from PC)

    BTW. What is the current state of GooglePlay matchMaking service in context of use it with UE4 ? I'v quickly looked at OnlineSubsystemGooglePlay and to me it seems that there matchmaking support, someone did this, it's possible at all with UE4 ?
    (all UE4 based games with multiplayer I'v seen on android use own servers to do matchmaking :/)

    PS. 'open <my_pc_ip>' ofcourse works just fine ... but I'm interested why FindSessions returns no results.
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    To partially resolve my own question - after getting today more devices to test it turns out that if I create my session on Galaxy Note, or Galaxy S7 ... my nexus & shield tablets could actually find them, but sessions created on nexus5 or shield are invisible, and could be joined only by console command open ...
    Anyway, the second part of my question (about matchMaking with google play) is still open ...


      I'm having trouble with my LG ThinQ V30 phones when I didn't have any trouble before.