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    Device Profiles (4.18)

    Hello all,

    This is my first foray into the land of mobile, and exploring the anti-aliasing situation for VR has left me with some basic questions about Device Profiles. Forgive my noobishness, but:

    o The Device Profile window under Window > Developer Tools > Device Profiles has a Save As Default button--this is just for the project, yeah? So you could change the settings there and deploy those changes with Save As Default?
    o I see in the documentation that it says to create the DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini, but then I don't see what the Device Profiles window would be for and I can't find where these key-value pairs can be found. Are they documented anywhere? I've searched a lot, so if it's somewhere obvious I've missed I'm sorry, but I'm starting to go in circles.
    o Are there any settings that can only be changed via Device Profiles, or if you knew you were only going to build to one type of phone could you change everything in the generic Project Settings.

    Thanks in advance for helping me through this!

    Edit: This isn't really Android-specific (even though I'm doing this mostly for an Android), but I wasn't sure where it should be posted instead.
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    From a mere day's experience I've only encountered screen resolution / scaling (the thing where you render at x% and upscale to the phone's display resolution) not working outside of the device profile. But I was told that if you put the code in the beginplay of GameMode it would fire correctly (or maybe it was that you could set the device profile to something different?)

    Point is, if the goal is user settings (where the user can tweak things for performance) it'll be a bit harder than PC to implement them and will likely require the app be restarted in some cases. That's all I know so far.