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Mobile multi texture formats question

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    Mobile multi texture formats question

    Hey, i just finished my app and want to distribute on the play store.
    I have exported 4 APKs

    1 multi ATC,ETC2,ASTC (for testing)
    1 for ATC
    1 for ETC2
    1 for ASTC

    Google Play Console now tells me, that the multi version supports 5600 devices, while the 3 single texture formats combined serve 5813 devices. How is this possible since the multi version should cover the same amount of devices. I havent changed anything else then the version number.

    (see attached image)
    So once i uploaded them all in the playstore, i recognized that the ETC2 APK wont show anything under "OpenGL Textures" This might be a bug at the google service. So the Multi packaged APK does support more "OpenGL Textures", but is less compatible with devices? Are there some devices that don't support the multi packaging?

    I need some explaination please
    My first marketplace asset: Surveillance Camera Madness
    My first game: Jewel Snake

    When using ETC2 only the manifest is setting
    <uses-feature android:glEsVersion="0x00030000" android:required="true">
    since ES 3.0 requires ETC2 support. This likely accounts for the difference.