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Google Play: managing target texture compression

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    Google Play: managing target texture compression

    Hi, I have build my first mobile game. I have a beta version in playstore, and everything works fine. To reduce the app size i want to take this step:

    My goal now is to create 6 apks for every texture compression instead of create a big apk with all texture formats supported. Packaging is not the problem, but how can i later use google play to upload all 6 apks in a single app release? Is there a possibility?
    Of course i could create like 6 different apps on google play, like "GameTitle etc1", "GameTitle etc2", "GameTitle astc", but this is not elegant and just crazy.

    I saved 60mb already by removing etc1 tex. format, but now there are less devices supported by the game. How can i provide every device with it's favourite texture compression?
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    What you need to do is change the Store Version in Android project settings between packaging each APK. You'll want to give each texture format a different version
    ETC1 = 1
    ETC2 = 2
    ASTC = 3

    So "version 1.0.0" will be 1 for ETC, 2 for ETC2, 3 ASTC, etc. When you put up an update, increment over your last (ie. for 1.0.1 you might have 4 for ETC, 5 for ETC2, 6 for ASTC).
    See more details here: