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Touch Sensitivity on Android, blue-print error?

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    Touch Sensitivity on Android, blue-print error?

    Hi, this is my first time posting in the forums.

    My issue is to do with some sort of lack of communication between UMG buttons and touch on android.

    Essentially, the concept of this project is: hit button A = things happen, 2 seconds pass. At the end of those 2 seconds, there's a .5 second window to hit button B. Button B does what Button A does, but changes some variables.

    Everything works, but eventually it's like the button stops working entirely on PC, BUT on android, to click/touch all it requires is more coverage or quite literally flicking the button - and it works.

    PC: registers hover effect on the UMG, unable to click.
    Android: requires hitting the button much harder or with more coverage, appears to not work when touching lightly, or as lightly as I was touching before the error comes up.

    This is a fresh project and the logic is very simple.

    Any ideas?
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    The solution was to do with the behavior of the buttons, as simple as they were, I think they were referencing each-other; ie: button A = enabled, therefore button B = disabled, and vice versa. I don't know how this could be working as intended, but perhaps this was to do with the rate of which they were being used - if so that's understandable and beyond me. Still loving this engine, haha.

    Just posting the answer if anyone else encounters this.