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    Hello everyone, i'm working with a friend on a mobile game and we got into a little dilemma when it comes to resolution and we need you to help us clarify this .

    We are using console command r.MobileContentScaleFactor but we would like to use more r.ScreenPercentage, now we know that ScreenPercentage doesn't change resolution, but it helps with the fps on some devices without affecting UI.

    Now our question is: Is r.ScreenPercentage good for android platform? Which command would you rather use when it comes to changing resolutions? Do you know any other console command or way to change resolution while game is running even tho it requires a restart?

    Any help/thought is greatly appreciated! <3

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    r.ScreenPercentage works on Android. You should use r.MobileContentScaleFactor to pick the base resolution (used for UI) then use r.ScreenPercentage to lower the resolution of the 3D rendered content. r.ScreenPercentage does not require a restart and you can change it either by device profile, or even at runtime for different areas of your game with the Execute Console Command blueprint node if you want.


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      Thank you very much Chris for reply!