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Clash Royale similar game.

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    Clash Royale similar game.

    Hey there, i wonder if someone can help me out. I want to make a game similar to Clash Royale, with cards and spawed troops. But, i know close to nothing about the unreal engine but if i get the right direction maybe i can learn and do it by my self... Thankss

    Using Unreal engine will make this task very simple,
    outside of unreal engine
    1.for meshes (troops, character, house mesh etc) you will need to learn blender or maya or 3d max
    2.then build animation for these characters

    inside of unreal engine
    3.Import them in Unreal engine
    4.start learning with level designing
    5.Then learn animation, notifies in unreal engine
    6.then learn blueprint visual scripting(even if you want to work with c++ , i will personally recommend to start with blueprint then go to c++, because this will give you some insights how unreal works, and after learning blueprint and understanding how it works, you can proceed in any direction with unreal) , you will need to learn spawning actors in level or gameplay
    7.then learn AI with unreal engine (you will be needing this for different troops to take their own decisions (i.e AI controller will control them))
    8.learn sound, material(not necessary if you apllied better material in 3d software i.e blender, maya, 3d max, or material specific software such as quixel, or substance painter ) , particle system(unreal have one free content for particles effect in marketplace, it will save your time ) etc
    9.Now you are ready to go

    10.for making it online game you will need some networking skills so learn some basic skills
    11. apply all these skills to your game,
    working with unreal is simple and fun, but only if you are willing to learn,

    Useful tutorials you should start with

    multiplayer tutorial example

    extremely important for understanding character creating and input settings and animation for them
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      Remember a lot of various posts on web states that learning unreal is tougher than other engine, but realty is I feel it is easiest than others, i started learning unity and after 1 month , I was still not getting what and why i am doing, so i turned to unreal engine, at first after going through it's massive documentation i was worried , but if anyone is punctual and learns atleast 2-4 hout daily he can go through entire documentation in max 3 months, but this 3 months will pay you in future,

      best of lucks for your project


      welcome to community


        oh! sorry if forgot to mention one more thing you will need to also learn packaging game for android,

        download this example both from marketplace on pc to work with unreal and on your android device from playstore,


          wow #prashant55511 thanks a lot. This post worked just as i expected. Now i have a full glimpse on what i need to do. So, i better get started.