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Invoking other android apps from unreal

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  • Invoking other android apps from unreal

    Hello, I'm new to unreal , i'm practically done with my project but there's a very big issue because no one from my country can purchase anything on the pay store or iOS store right now because of banking policies in my country, so im trying to use a local payment platform which requires is let the app be able to call the phone's native browser or any other browser installed..i tried using the web browser widget provided by unreal but its experimental and its crashing my app..Any help rendered will be greatly appreciated..
    Thanks in advance

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    You would need to use Java code to do this. Create a new Intent and use startActivity() on the intent. Use JNI to make the call from C++ to Java. Look at AndroidJNI.cpp and for examples.


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      Thank you very much guys..i found a native function in unreal that allows me to launch a url string, so i just build my url string and launch..Thanks for your help guys