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LPV + TOD (Light Propagation Volume + Time of Day) [WIP]

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    looks awesome, looking forward more the full time of day system also sound great

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    Supposedly fixed in 4.3 now, are you still crashing?

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    Originally posted by reneberwanger View Post
    Thank You gain.

    @Sean Gribbin, LPV is crashed on 4.3. and without a fix, i will stop the work with LPV for a while.
    There is a fix here

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    Originally posted by Sitrec View Post
    Looks great! Looking forward to see more.
    Originally posted by Sean Gribbin View Post
    Fantastic work reneberwanger! Can't wait to see the Weather Blueprint when it is added. Be sure to keep us updated as you progress with your project.
    Thank You gain.

    @Sean Gribbin, LPV is crashed on 4.3. and without a fix, i will stop the work with LPV for a while.

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    Fantastic work reneberwanger! Can't wait to see the Weather Blueprint when it is added. Be sure to keep us updated as you progress with your project.

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    Looks great! Looking forward to see more.

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    Thank You!

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    Very cool, though for light leaking screenspace cone tracing should be able to handle some forms of directional occlusion and prevent some light leaking. It's not a terribly expensive extension too SSAO. Good work!

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    Looks great! My only foray into trying LPV was met with lots of light bleeding through the walls.

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    That is kind of awesome! And I love your interior architecture. Want to see more of both.

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  • LPV + TOD (Light Propagation Volume + Time of Day) [WIP]

    Light Propagation Volume + Time of Day + Distance Fields Ambient Occlusion - Weather System

    List of desired features
    • Day/Night Cycle (done)
    • Calendar/Clock System (done)
    • Fully dynamic light (done)
    • Moon System, with lunar fases (done but need a little review)
    • Sky color variations, based on time of day (done)
    • Sky color variations, based on wheater (currently wip)
    • Cloud System, with SSS and Translucent Shadows (currently wip)
    • Temperature System
    • Humidity System
    • Wind System
    • Rain System
    • Storm System
    • Thunder System with
    • Snow System
    • Dust System
    • Post Processing Scene, reacting with weather.
    • Material functions, helpers for add wetness/snow/dust on your materials.
    • HUD system.
    • Config System.

    Dev Log

    Hello Guys.

    I'm Sharing with you my first tests with LPV + TOD.

    Here on Video, I´m using on weather BP, some components:

    - A Directional Movable Light
    - Atmospheric Fog
    - Stationary Sky Light
    - A Post Processing Volume unbounded

    I'm developing a Blue Print Called Weather BP, so soon i will share a complete weather solution with particle clouds, wind, rain night sky, moon circle... etc.
    But my first challenge was the LPV + Directional Movable Light tweak.

    LPVBias on PPV and ShadowBias on DML, combined with Indirect Light Intensity (on Both) is the secret of all.
    But warning. Any thinner geometry unit 30, the light leaks. So I need to increase the LPVBias. But higher values of LPVBias, like 2 or 3, make bounces of lights very ugly. After mutch time, I found the relationship between LPVBias (PPV) and ShadowBias (DML). The balance between them is almost the perfect solution. If not for the Shadow Acne. Smaller values on ShadowBias, give me less light leaking throw the walls. But with nearly parallel angles between the light and the face geometry, shadow acne comes. Then, with the balance between ShadowBias and ShadowSharpen, I got good results.

    - I wish I had access to a final pass after the shadow be computed and apply a BLUR on it. That would be perfect. - RayTraced Shadows Solved this.
    - My feeling is that if I double the units of measurement of my building, none of this would need to be done, therefore, I believe LPV needs improvements on this direction.

    The results are a combination of all together, with different settings each time of day.
    When I'm satisfied with the result, I share the complete solution with you. So stay tunned on this post.

    >>>Old Video

    UPDATE 1
    First of all, sorry for delay.

    Now, I´m not using LPV but using new feature DFAO. There´s no Cascade only Ray Traced Shadows. I will fine tunning other things while LPV gain updates.
    Too, I´m worked a lot on time of day specially Sky. All color phases are configurable by curves. Zenith Color, Horizon Color, Sun Corona. Im Working on Sun Color/Brightness external curves, but inside BP you can mess with up.
    I´m added moon phases, and a counter for change the moon phases, everything is configurable.
    Added sun/moon independent longitude, and a global angle for positioning the north.
    Skylight, have a independent thicker for recapture scene. In faster global speeds, we can see the capture on skylight changes, but in slow ones, its a good smoth result. This is because recapture scenes, cost a lot.
    The Cloud system is the last one added and still VERY buggy and not organized on BP.
    I´m worked on a widget to debug the configs, is this compass rose on screens. It can be hidden after configure, un-cheking "Show Widget" checkbox.

    The next is finish the cloud system, and make it cast translucent shadows.

    - Is realy painfull work with curves inside timeline editor.
    - Skylight Scene recapture, can be a litle more faster. Maybe 2 kinds on update. One deeper and another less deeper.

    >>>Config Video

    UPDATE 2
    Successfully Implemented Volumetric Clouds, casting translucent shadows. Setup this was a pain in ***, because its a balance between Particles/Material/Number of emitters on screen to get good visual and dont lost so many FPS. - Need rework on that. 4.6 ruined my work.

    And now, enabled LPV back as you can see on white hexagons.

    Next, will be storm clouds and lightning effects.


    UPDATE 3

    - Some fixes with LPV
    - Merged Clouds with master Blueprint.
    - (Disabled) Translucend Clouds Shadows for a while. Seems to be a Bug on 4.6.
    - Added a lot of Config Controllers, needed to creating good weathers transitions.
    - Optimized particles clouds.
    - Added Moonlight

    Enjoy! (sorry for engrish)


    Just put in Content folder, its recommended recompile before drop in editor view.
    All files must be droped on Root (content folder). WITHOUT main container folders (Weather XXX 0.X)

    Required UE4 4.6
    Use at your risk

    >>>Weater 0.03 Alpha

    Screen Shots

    Update 1

    Update 2

    Update 3
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