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    What makes Colony2 different?

    No dev update this week. Here's a compilation of some of the features that make Colony2 different from the average game.

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      Dev Update #11

      WIP Thread


        Our development update for this week is a short clip from a play test.

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          We're going to put a new YouTube dev update up in a couple of days, but it will simply reflect our change from LPVs to VXGI.

          The following in editor screenshots show the difference in an interior scene.

          No GI:

          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

Name:	WithVXGI1.jpg
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          No GI:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	NoGI2.jpg
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	WithVXGI2.jpg
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            April Dev Update

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              No video today

              We don't have anything new to show on the front end. We've mainly been working on our other content, examining SpatialOS, and working on the back end.

              We have started migrating our back end from our local network to the internet and so far things are going well.

              Our plan is to put up a restricted test server in the next 30 days to run some tests on data retrieval and so forth. If you might be interested in helping with that as an unpaid tester, please check back here. We'll post an announcement after we do some small scale tests on the servers.

              Be forewarned, the game at this stage is still just a prototype testbed. None of the game functions are complete, many planned features are not in place, nothing works, and if anything does appear to work, it's broken.

              WIP Thread


                Quick update: We didn't make our 30 day projection to get the test server up.

                We're working currently on the final basic pieces of the backend that we need to make an experimental deployment of our testbed prototype.

                The game itself is still very buggy and only has placeholder graphics, but we're going to attempt to turn on all the servers for a small scale test next week.

                We'd like to get a few dozen people on concurrently to see what breaks, so if you'd be interested in being an unpaid tester, let me know.

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                  Our registration page is up. We'd like to get some outside testing for it. If you have a moment, please give it a try.

                  Colony2 Registration Page

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                    Looks like a great game, congrats


                      Originally posted by Nightform View Post
                      Looks like a great game, congrats
                      Thank you.

                      The email spiel for those of you who have signed up on the registration page through this thread:

                      Thank you for participating.

                      The registration page is up for testing at

                      Please report via email to this address any errors, difficulties, or unexpected events that you encounter. Also, please comment on the ease-of-use aspect of the registration process.

                      The registration pages require email verification and a valid email must be entered to complete the process. For testing purposes, a throw-away or one time use email address is sufficient. A secondary or junk email address is recommended.

                      The registration form does not require any personal information.

                      Use a unique password and do not re-use any existing password.

                      The download link for the launcher installer at the end of the registration process is not currently populated and will not work.

                      Baring any unforeseen events, the game test servers will be live by Friday, July 21 and an email notice will be sent to you.

                      The registration database will be wiped prior to the launch of the game servers and it will be necessary to re-register in order to test the prototype. At that time, you will be able to download the launcher installer. The launcher will download the game. The launcher will likely undergo revisions during the testing period and it will be necessary to uninstall and re-download the launcher.

                      Please report any errors that you encounter with the launcher installation or launcher function.

                      The game prototype package is approximately 3+ gig.

                      The game at this stage is very basic and all art assets are placeholders. The game has not been optimized. All game functions are stubs and incomplete. The map is a small, incomplete testing landscape.

                      The purpose of this phase of testing is to evaluate the function of the database servers and the persistence of the game server and game play is not a primary concern.

                      The game is Windows 64 only and has been tested on Win7 and Win8.

                      If you have any questions, please email with the subject: Questions on Pre-Alpha Testing

                      Thank you again.

                      Rhynedahll Software LLC

                      WIP Thread


                        Link to Colony2 discord for bugs/feedback during the test.


                        WIP Thread


                          The servers are up and we are running some tests. If all goes well, we will populate the game download link tomorrow or Friday.

                          In advance, some caveats:

                          This is a small scale deployment on VPS. None of the backend infrastructure is robust. We don't know how many players the server can handle. That is one of the factors we are examining.

                          Expect frequent service interruptions.

                          The game download is 4+ gig.

                          So far, min graphics hardware appears to be a Geforce GTX 780 Ti. If you make a comment, please mention your graphics card and performance issues.

                          There are numerous in game bugs that we don't plan to address until next week at the earliest.

                          Game play basics

                          The launcher is a work in progress. It currently only updates complete versions (the full zip file.)

                          The game should be started from the launcher. If the game is launched from the .exe, it will use the default player id rather than your player id. More than one player doing this may crash the server. This test feature will be removed in a future update.

                          Only one character per player.

                          Only two character models are available at present, Male and Female.

                          Character customization other than M/F selection is currently not implemented.

                          CONTENT WARNING Male characters are Ken-doll naked. Female characters have integrated (unremovable) clothing. Eventually, female characters will also be Barbie-doll nude.

                          Streakers will be executed.

                          Only one set of clothing is currently available: male boots, leggings, chest, and coif. This also fits poorly but effectively on female characters.

                          Standard Unreal 3rd person character (WASD) movement.

                          Autorun - J
                          Jog - press and hold Shift
                          Sprint - press and hold Ctrl

                          Jogging and sprinting burn endurance. Without endurance, you can do neither.

                          Rest - T (To recharge your endurance pool. Endurance naturally recovers while you are not burning it.)

                          For performance reasons, there is no GI in this build. Nights and shadows are very dark. If you log into a black screen, turn on your lantern (press O).

                          Day: 2 real world hours. 1 hour of day and 1 hour of night. Nights require lamps and lanterns.

                          ESC: brings up the Exit game/world menu. If you get stuck/jump off the edge/other try to exit the world to reset.

                          On the starting map (Netherworld), various supplies are available for testing. Mouse over and use E to pick up items. Right click in inventory to use. (I-inventory, U - equipment) The items in the starting map are for testing purposes and respawn. The Reaper in the Netherworld cannot be killed and will not attack.

                          Items left in the chest will not persist on reload. (Eventually this will provide secure storage.)

                          O-deploy lantern
                          K - light torch
                          Right click on lamp oil to fuel torch.

                          Y- Pick up and carry item too large for inventory. Only a few items (crates, logs, freestanding torches) can be carried at present.

                          Food/Hydration - right click in inventory to use. (You can starve to death or die of dehydration.)

                          To enter the world (join the server), go up the stairs, through the cave and to the end. You may jump off but this is not necessary.

                          Player melee abilities are not yet implemented.

                          Friendly Fire: Arrows and potions will affect players.

                          PvP: Colony2 is not by design a PvP game, but players can damage and kill other players.

                          Q - press and hold until locked (end of sound effect) to draw bow. Arrows required.

                          Potions, unguents, etc: Right click or drag to hot bar.

                          Increasing inventory size is not currently implemented.

                          K - Hire/Fire cart driver

                          H - Harvest (Rare trees and clay)

                          Known Bugs

                          No sound during intro movies

                          Torches do not extinguish when they use up their fuel.

                          Server does not save character on network error.

                          In certain circumstances, Lamp Oil flasks does not disappear after use

                          Launcher - with screen resolutions of less than 1920x1080, the submit button on the character creation form is not accessible or visible
                          Last edited by Rhynedahll; 07-21-2017, 06:00 PM. Reason: Added Known Bugs

                          WIP Thread


                            While the game files are not yet available, this is the link to the launcher installer:

                            Cancel that. That was the wrong build.
                            Last edited by Rhynedahll; 07-19-2017, 12:27 PM.

                            WIP Thread


                              We believe that we have resolved the issues with the launcher.

                              Colony2 Launcher

                              Currently, we only actively monitor the game servers from 6:00 am CST to 6:00 pm CST. Post here or in Discord for assistance outside of those times.

                              WIP Thread


                                A heartfelt thanks to everyone that tested the registration process and the launcher.

                                We have identified a number of issues and corrected most of them.

                                Over this coming weekend, we won't be actively monitoring the servers or pushing updates (unless there is a crash) but the servers will remain up (we hope) continuously.

                                If you have any concerns, comments, issues, or feedback, please post here. The quickest way to get a response is through the Discord channel.

                                Next week, we're going to make a simple optimization pass on our in house assets in an attempt to reduce the texture streaming pool.

                                If we get an updated version of the game built next week, it will be necessary to download the game (no patches yet) again. The launcher will do this automatically.

                                We're also going to add a password reset button to the launcher.

                                Thanks again!

                                WIP Thread