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Windows Download Here! - 36mb - Version

Team Name:
Richard Boegli's game studio for people who want to make games and want to do other stuff good too.
Abbreviated to richardboegli

Game Name:
Carrot Attack 4 -

Team Members:
Richard Boegli, Universal Problem Solver

Game Description:
Simple 2d shooter, single weapon, single goal. Last Sam Smile (man) standing.

Theme Usage:
Settle the Score - Two parts
1) Last man Standing
2) Couldn't get 4P local play to work in my first GameJam, so I started from scratch for this one

Special Category Entry:
"Best Game Under 100mb" for the best game that doesn't take up too much space - 67.1mb
"Army of One" for the best game made by a team comprised of only one person

How to Play:
Need 4 controllers - Tested with XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE controllers
Left Thumbstick - Left and Right
A - Jump
Right Trigger - Shoot Carrots

Known Issues:
Player movements is not tweaked yet
Only able to spend a few hours on this in total, so not very polished....
Health doesn't rotate correctly
Map doesn't restart when single player remaining

3rd Party
2d Side Scroller - Epic Games
Sam Smile - Richard Boegli
Carrot Projectile - Previous GameJam Entry - Nov 2015

Release History
Future releases here: - 2016-10-13 - Changed spawn locations - 2016-10-13 - Initial Release - Less than 100mb