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Crash Force - Hovercrafts Arena Shooter with RPG elements

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    Originally posted by SongOfDeath View Post
    Looks pretty nice
    I can give one suggestion,
    you can think of changing the golden effect at 0:59 - 1:01 in your video, it looks like the after effect of the explosion, I don't think it goes well with the realistic look of the environment. You could try changing it's timing/reduce count/add a sharp circular alpha/swap it for another effect and see how it looks. Just a little improvement though, nothing that important.
    Hello! Duly noted! We are working a new video, as the UI has changed quite a bit since our Early Access release.


      A few in-game screenshots from our latest playtesting with the new UI, notifications, and various small changes to the HUD.

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        We introduced new graphic changes to Crash Force by introducing a new shader and a camera angle change. What do you guys think?
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          We are excited to announce that we are officially ending Crash Force's Steam Early Access period!!

          Crash Force has come along way since it entered its Early Access period on the 21st of January. Six months of hard work and commitment by both ourselves and our supporters to adjust, change features, incorporate new ideas, build features from scratch and make Crash Force fun for everyone to enjoy. You can buy Crash Force at the following link:

          We have an early version of our official trailer available for you to check out: