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Rain in New York, 1930

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    [SCENE] Rain in New York, 1930


    After watch some nice movies (like the new King Kong ha!) I felt inspired to create a scene in the New York of the 30's.

    Hope you like it:

    Click image for larger version

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    The car paint shader looks really nice.


      You captured the feel of that time period nicely. Thanks for sharing.

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        Looks amazing, nice atmosphere.
        The only thing that doesn't fit, should be worked on are the ground textures for pebbles, sidewalks. They are too big, they're missing definition, the large detail for normal, and also the small detail, the reflections should vary in terms of the angle of a block, stone, tile, it's height among others and roughness. Maybe try adding a POM effect, and enhancing the normal maps. With that fixed this would be a 10/10.


          Here are some things that I find look wrong:

          -the floor textures are scaled much too large. the sidewalk material looks rather like a brandnew 1980+ indoor or garden tiles rather than used 1930 pavement. No wetness from the heavy rain on the floor. street material needs normals and ideally tesselation for the simaltion of 3d stone blocks.

          -first pic: the movie ad (black and white-pic) looks much too modern, not like a movie poster of those old days. also the frame in front of the windows seems off and not like for a cinema that has such places esp. for posters. also the windows end at the floor of the sidewalk at the bottom, they usually have a fundation under them. the bulb light-framed movie title should have point lights to simulate the bulbs. the parked car has dimmed yellow headlights, but their reflection in the sidewalk is bright white?

          -the heavy rain and dry meterials everywhere dont match, esp. on the umbrellas and floors.

          -the metal fence thing is 1970+, not 1930.

          -people: wardrope and eye-glasses of that guy dont look like 1930 time period either.

          - that car colours look and white in a colour pic...then the metallic shader might be used nowadays, but definetly not in 1930

          - there are white dots on the road that seem like snow or hail/volley?

          - the streetlights are placed too much in the walkway...should be closer to the street. people would run into them, lol. also their shadow is wrong...

          -no shadows of the people, esp. at their feet?


            I liked it a lot ,Kink Kong my fav , The floor texture is good even if its large as you see more detail , the only thing i can say here is the texture of the guy face have less spec , if you lowered the spec it will look more real .