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    [GAME] Shifted Dimension

    Wow, been a long time since I've been on here... almost a year I think.

    Anyways I want to show off a game I'm working on - well not really show, because it's in real early stages and there's not much to show off. But, I'll update this post, as the game grows.

    Currently, Shifted Dimension is just the default Third Person Blueprint project, with a modification that makes holding either Shift keys or the Left Trigger on a gamepad make your character super-sprint instead of jog, and it makes the jump go much higher.

    Anyways, will update the progress of the game as I go :P

    You can also see more info at but there's not much stuff yet.

    Update - September 9th, 2016

    I've added a UI system that can be used in-game. You press 1 on your keyboard and ShiftOS appears. ShiftOS is your hub for the game world. You can view a map of the world, see various missions you can embark on, upgrade your character, call other characters, browse the Shiftnet (shifted dimension internet) and other things.

    There's even a debug menu inside ShiftOS that currently shows you the current framerate, as well as lets you execute commands on the Unreal Engine 4 console.

    Most of the things aren't yet implemented though, like the Shiftnet and the mission viewer. World map isn't there yet either because the world has not yet been conceived.

    One thing I do want to learn, SOON, is how I can generate a 2D, top-down map of the world where roads, buildings and water and land are shown as yellow, beige, blue and black respectively, as well as having it show locations of certain things like mission triggers, enemies, and other special things and areas using icons (like how in GTA V your safehouse is represented on the map by a white house.)


      Another update on Sept. 29th, 2016:

      Revamped the ShiftOS user interface a bunch, when you open ShiftOS you are greeted with your Program Summary - tells you how much cash you have, and the ShiftOS version. I will be adding way more soon. That brings me onto my next thing. Let's just say, adding a save system to my game is WAY easier in UE4 than it was when I was doing simple winforms games in C#... I have added a save game that contains my ShiftOS version info, cash, and all Shiftorium upgrades I have.

      Oh yeah - Shiftorium - that's a new thing. In the Shifted Dimension, as you complete missions and go about your day, you earn cash - this for now can be used to upgrade your programming to add things such as new ShiftOS features, system abilities, dimension hacks, etc. For example, for $250, I can buy the Super Sprint upgrade, which makes it so that when I hold the Shift key, my character sprints instead of walks.

      I guess you want to SEE what the ShiftOS interface looks like, well I'll grab some screenshots for you.

      This is the Program Summary

      And the Shiftorium, though there are no upgrades, and there's an off-by-one-error with fetching available upgrades so there's a phantom one

      Next thing I'll do is... somehow... a mission system that also uses the save file. Then I'll practically have the fundamentals of an RPG. Wow. Programming the darn thing is a lot easier than doing level design.


        Update: September 30th, 2016

        Just put the game up on GitHub. You'll be able to access it at If it's empty or missing something, it's because I'm uploading 1.04 or so gigabytes of Unreal Engine 4 awesomeness as I post this.