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    Hello guys .

    Thanks for all the comments! Yup, I can share this project, no problem. I just need to see how to host the file in my server (the photos are hosted on a wordpress).

    And yes, it is running in real time with instant preview game. Without anti-aliasing, it runs at 120fps. Of course the scene is with very few elements: The room that we use in a short film, the pedestal Zelda style, few boomerangs, and a table with some more boomerangs. Oh, and several dynamic lights.

    Yesterday I was playing with my model, testing some types of lighting. Here's my photo to compare.

    I put a lot of effort on the eyes, but still is rather artificial. Make hair still sucks in this generation.. I mean, still is a tedious and long work, so I skip it. Hooray to the end of dumb normal maps that make everything look like polished chrome. The skin is very close to the ideal thanks to the new shaders, much better than last generation. During the Witcher 3 demo that I saw at a convention, the skin tone is even better than this, with all the scenery running along. But with a few more days I hope to get there.

    As in the previous scene, only this one model is being rendered, making it easy enough for the engine time to apply all the lighting effects, shaders, bump maps, etc. When adding complex scenarios, I will definitely have to lower specifications.

    I still have much to discover, especially when more complex elements come to the scene. Today I gona play around with different types of clothing fabrics. In Metal Gear Ground Zeroes for example, the clothes are awesome in PS4. The leather draws enough attention. But all the relatively "easy to reproduce" materials, such as metal weapons, looks pretty artificial in the game..


      By the way, some comments made ​​me remember the first time I saw this screen.

      Mario was real. Mankind had found its apex. Not sure how the graphics could evolve from this moment on.. =]


        Great job Juno, as for the legend of zelda boomerang \shield scene.
        The eyes looks acceptable,( sorry but the screen is a bit too small to say some more), but it would depend on the lightning of your level and how the the light will be accumulated on the eye cornea/irises and how it should apply with a dynamic lightning.

        The skin looks really nice but the back light is very intense, there is some SSS applied on the skin at that time ?
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          we need more works in progress people! there are only 4 threads. id think a ton of people would have gotten the engine by now ;-) guess they are holding out or just busy looking at the videos and docs. this is a really great engine and it even runs decently on my pc (not 120 fps) but good enough to work with :-). even at ultra!


            Really amazing your test. You did everything from scratch?
            Give me something to believe in.


              Really nice work there. Should see an uptick in CG artists using this engine for it's rendering capabilities.
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                Very Cool!


                  I'll be the first to say it - I call shenanigans...
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                    This looks great. I would love to see the Zelda project uploaded when you find hosting, please! You might also be able to use a service like mediafire or dropbox.


                      Amazing! Sure... I love the Zelda series so much that I probably would have said the same thing anyway... but this is really amazing!
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