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    [GAME] Robots Minerals Profit!

    Hi everyone, we're making Robots Minerals Profit! - A side-on builder game with cooperative multiplayer. It's a mix of tycoon, builder and god games with a mining theme. Think a melting pot between Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, Minecraft, Fallout Shelter, SimTower, Banished and Settlers.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    We chose UE4 for this since the Blueprint Visual Scripting system allows us to rapidly iterate over different gameplay mechanics, and the ability to make procedural materials is great. There's also good support for the kind of game we're trying to make, despite the fact that we've not been able to find any similar games being made in UE4 (if you know of any, please point me towards them!).

    Here's a shot of some terrain with tunnels dug into it:

    Click image for larger version

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    Here's a few examples of things we can demonstrate:
    - AI controlling the robots is made using the built-in EQS with some customisations.
    - Terrain is generated using noise driven displacement.
    - Rooms, their contents, robot needs and robot jobs are object oriented.

    We're going to be sharing some of our techniques here, so feel free to ask questions about anything we're showing!

    Here's the Greenlight Concepts page:

    Here's our IndieDB page:
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    My current question - Getting variables from unspawned actorcomponent

    Our game - Robots Minerals Profit! - a side-on builder game with cooperative multiplayer, made in UE4.

    Looks very intriguing, I love the simplistic 2d base building gameplay of games like Fallout Shelter and This War of Mine.