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    [GAME] Mr Boom's Firework Factory

    Hi all,

    I've been working on this game for some time now, and it has gone through several iterations, from XNA 4.0 to my own 3D framework, through to Unreal Engine 4.

    Mr Boom's Firework Factory is a puzzle game where you must get the crates from the machines to the exit (to be collected by the claw). The problem is the crates must leave in a different order to the one they arrive in, and each crate is filled with volatile explosives. The explosions and particle effects have collisions on them and are deadly to other crates and scenery.

    There is a plot to this game, as a new employee of the firework factory, you soon learn something is not quite right and you must find out what it is. When i came up with this game i couldn't find anything similar, but after some time i was told it is similar to level 9 of 'the lost mind of Dr Brain' called "Train of thought". I hope this gives some comparison to what i'm aiming towards.

    Comments and feedback are more than welcome!


    Gameplay video:

    You can find more information on the website here:

    I'm hoping to have this finished by 5th November.
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