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Huge RPG styled landscape showcase WIP

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    Amazing stuff!

    I wish I had the aptitude for this type of work. Very impressive.

    Can't wait to see more!


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      Hi there,

      im finally back to post some new stuff. I've got more screenshots and awesome 60fps 1080p footage. This time its also much longer. I scraped the music together in 2 hours so forgive me if it doesnt sound finished.

      Also thanks to you all who appreciate my work so much and thanks for making me a spotlightmember. Makes me really happy and want to move forward with it. I would really like to make a rpg prototype with this and try to get funding (i.e. kickstarter, sponsors) to make it a real thing.

      [MENTION=82585]MrBigWill[/MENTION]: I used zbrush for rough design and took the heightmap through l3dt scaled it up and eroded it like there was no tomorrow. I then tweaked it alot in unrealengine. I switched there back and forth between tiled and not tiled landscape and am using a single tiled one at the moment because i hate the performance with tiled landscapes.
      Honestly i'd rather use worldmachine but the resolutionlimitations on the freeversion are to big and im not quite ready to invest the money in new tools quite yet

      Anyway guys enjoy the video and new pictures i hope you like it. There is still alot to tweak and im still not satisfied.
      Ill try to follow up with some firstperson walking-through stuff, but that will have to wait for now.


      Click image for larger version

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        Looking good! The only thing that stuck out a little for me was the river in the start. I think it has a little too much colour for being so shallow. Just a tiny bit. Other than that I think it looks great =)


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          Yeh, the river color definitely looks a bit 'out of place' to me.

          But as you can see, it's the only thing I'm talking about, because the rest bluffed me

          EDIT: Maybe try to get a better Skybox?!
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            Hey! Very Very nice! Did you use unreal's landscape mode for the terrain?