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    [GAME] Dark Survivor

    Welcome to this thread. I won't disappoint.

    My name is Justin and I also go by SoraJr on the web. I've always wanted to be a video game designer and here I am. One year and two months later I finally have something to show for it. I'm self taught, by the way!
    • GAME

    The name of this prototype is, as the title, Dark Survivor. It's a Hack'n Slash, RPG, story driven game. That's the vision I have for this game.
    • THEME

    A horror style game, such as Devil May Cry. Fast paced, such as Kingdom Hearts 2 or Metal gear Solid Rising Revengeance.
    • STORY

    The main character Justin, which is me, was sent to "The Zone". A limbo like place. Justin must fight to save himself. Along the way he uncovers some truth surround him and gains a new friend to help him fight the soulless.

    This site won't let me upload pictures.

    • Gameplay


    As seen from the screenshots. I've used Ficus, Flowerpot, Basketball net and hoop, Samsung tv, & Vase of roses. Those 3D-Models are not mine and are form
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