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    Finished a new character!

    This witch owned a house in a secluded swamp, and is one of the areas the player has to protect. Completing this level gleans new insight on the skeleton enemies, ultimately allowing the protagonist to zero in on the source of their location for the end game.

    Because the Sketchfab embed function appears to be broken, here's a gif and a link to the page:

    Till next time!
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      Spent a little under a month re-doing the sword combat system: The previous version had a very broken foundation and made it very hard to introduce design changes. I ended up doing the enemy blueprint over again from scratch, and modifying the player blueprint slightly, as well as doing the transition animations, which are some of the more complicated animations I've done in recent memory!

      I also made sure the Ally AI follows the player around and reacts properly during the sword combat, take a look below!

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      Check out our game Arcus!


        Cool !!! i'm like the concept and gameplay !!!

        Keep up the greatworks


          I love the animation and mechanics, great style for mobile!
          Watercolor/Comic Style Game: